Wireless System

Wireless lavalier microphone

The compact wireless system is primarily intended for users who are looking for a sound-quality and universal microphone system to connect to a video camera or camera. It can be used by anyone who wants to obtain precise sound and better intelligibility of the spoken word during recording.The system works at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz and can be used anywhere in the world without interfering with frequencies outside the permitted bands.It is possible to connect both lavalier/shotgun microphones with a 3.5 mm jack connector (MIC), as well as devices with a line signal, such as an electric piano, drums or a modeling guitar combo, to the receiver.Operating time up to 10 hours on a single charge thanks to the large-capacity 800mAh battery.

  • Wireless transmission

  • Quality preamplifier for lavalier/shotgun microphones
  • Dual input for microphones (with preamplifier) and line input for external audio devices (without preamplifier)
  • Headphone output for audio monitoring

  • Long battery life up to 10 hours

  • High-quality lavalier microphone





Technical sheet
WIRELESS SYSTEM (transmitterand receiver)
Modulation method GFSK
Frequency range 2,4 GHz
Frequency response 50–15 kHz SNR: >84 dB
Distortion <0,03 % (32 ohm / 1kHz / 80mW)
Audio interface 3,5 mm jack
Operating distance Indoors with obstacles up to 20 m/ outside without obstacles up to 50 m
Battery life up to 10 hours
Charging interface USB-C
Charging current 450 mA (recommended)
Battery capacity 800 mAh
Construction Condenser
Directional characteristic Omnidirectional
Frequency range 100 Hz -20 kHz
Sensitivity –35 dB +/–2 dB
Impedance <2,2 kΩ
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) >58 dB
Dimensions of the complete product 100x125x48 mm
Weight 210 g

What’s included:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Clip-on lavalier microphone
  • 2x windscreen
  • Hard protective case with zipper
  • TRS -TRS cable
  • USB-C cable
  • Manual

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